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Handi Surf Organization is above all ”a great story of friends and surfers”. It has come alive a little by chance in 2008 and got inspired by the discovery of similar action already existing in Mexico. First actions have been lead in help of 10 children suffering from autism. The challenge, taken up by the two founders ’ organization and friends - François Gouffrant and Jean-Marc SAINT GEOURS - was not a slam dunk: first initiation with a child has end with few minutes slide and an awesome moment, after almost one hour building sand casttles. Few minutes to make this great adventure last since 2008!


Les premières démarches seront entreprises avec l’association « Des Vagues et des Enfants », dont le but est d’aider les enfants autistes à surfer, avant de s’ouvrir à tous types de handicaps à partir de 2012. L’association Handi Surf, telle que nous la connaissons aujourd’hui, était née 

Since its creation in 2012, the Handi Surf Association has been devoted to "ensure that the greatest number of people with disabilities can surf".
The Organization's project is built up locally by a network of surf clubs and surf schools welcoming people with disabilities to permit a mixed approach practice.





10 000





Share the ocean and the passion of a sport with a population departed from the activity.
Mixed approach
Permettre aux personnes en situation de handicap et aux personnes valides de pratiquer ensemble et participer à l'inclusion sociale en général.
Fight against stigmatisation and "ghettoization" of disability.
Share values rooted in generosity and solidarity.
Talking to all people with disabilities, regardless of the disability.




Training for instructors (surf instructors and sport teachers) to welcome and go with people with disabilities with a specific teaching created and experienced by the organization.



Give a specific label to facilities that welcome people with disabilities. Insure the best support to people within the program. Identify professional facilities that welcome people with disabilities. Protect and maximize the Handi Surf methodology.



Offer to people the chance to participate to different activities in a great environment “the ocean ». Adapt and ensure full security to people who practice with the professionalization of monitors.



Lead projects to include people with disabilities with able-bodied people. Participate to change society’s attitude about disability.



Promote a proven expertise in France and abroad by duplicating the Handi Surf model. Help developing contests for people with disabilities for /and in partnership with the French Surf Federation.


François Gouffrant

Director of the Delay clinic, co-founder of the association "Waves and Children", big waves surfer and competitor, former member of the French Surf teams.

Jean-Marc Saint-Geours

Former competitor and former national and international surf judge, and vice chairman of the French Surf Federation. Holder of BPJEPS Surf, CSAIPSH Surf and DU Autisme, he is also the author of the Handi Surf training.

Jean-Marc Saint-Geours

Director, Founder
Sebastien Lacombe

Podiatrist, and former national and international bodyboard competitor (participation to the Hawaii World Bodyboard Championships, Pipeline 1996) and dropknee competitor.

Sebastien Lacombe

General Secretary
Cathy Dumas

Chief accountant of the Delay clinic, and former professional fencer.

Franck Lacaze

Journalist and surf commentator, former member of the France Surfing teams.

Franck Lacaze

Board Member
Gautier Garanx

PULSE Surf School director, holder of BPJEPS Surf and Handi Surf qualification, big wave surfer and winner of the Billabong XXL Biggest Wave Award.

Gautier Garanx

Board Member
Philippe Inchaurraga

Former pelota player.

Dominique PINTO<div>& Jacques URQUIA</div>

Media Volunteers.

Julien Caste

Lehena Surf School Co-Director, qualified teacher in charge of BEE-Surf, disability sport specialist, coordinator holder of BPJEPS Surf, CSAIH Surf, and DU-Autism.

Julien Caste

Sports Trainer
Marianne César

Psychology Doctor in Anglet, surfer and Handi Surf trainer.

Marianne César



François Gabart, skipper

François Gabart

Pauline Ado, ambassadeur de l'Association Nationale Handi-Surf

Pauline Ado

Laury Thilleman, ambassadrice de l'Association Nationale Handi-Surf

Laury Thilleman

Juan Arbelaez, ambassadeur de l'Association Nationale Handi-Surf

Juan Arbelaez

Mathieu Crepel, ambassadeur de l'Association Nationale Handi-Surf

Mathieu Crepel

Fred David, ambassadeur de l'Association Nationale Handi-Surf

Fred David

Romain Laulhé, ambassadeur de l'Association Nationale Handi-Surf

Romain Laulhé

Kim Veteau, ambassadrice de l'Association Nationale Handi-Surf

Kim Veteau

Vincent Duvignac, ambassadeur de l'Association Nationale Handi-Surf

Vincent Duvignac

Pierre Rollet, ambassadeur de l'Association Nationale Handi-Surf

Pierre Rollet

Maxime Castillo, ambassadeur de l'Association Nationale Handi-Surf

Maxime Castillo

Neis Lartigue, ambassadeur de l'Association Nationale Handi-Surf

Neis Lartigue